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After RDC (Radionuclide Drug Conjugate) synthesis process, the analysis for RDC, both in vitro and in vivo, is required for quality control and characterization before further clinical studies.

Rdcthera, dedicated to providing analysis service both in vitro and in vivo for years, has a professional RDC analysis platform and can offer professional and experienced RDC analysis service for you with standard experiments or customized experiments.

Fig.1 Tubes and microscope in RDC analysis.

Overview of RDC

RDC is a novel, distinct, and well-understood therapeutic modality with precision treatment by adjusting the administered activity to account for pharmacokinetic differences among individual patients or specific categories of patients. The RDC utilization involves the use of radioactively labeled targeting agents to deliver a cytotoxic dose of radiation to the tumor tissue while reducing the concentration of RDC in normal tissues.

The Pre-Clinical Analysis for RDC

Pre-clinical analysis studies for RDC use both in vitro and in vivo evaluation of radioactivity concentration in target and normal tissues to obtain biodistribution and pharmacokinetic data that can be used to evaluate radiation absorbed doses. The efficacy and toxicity of RDC depend on radiation absorbed dose, which can be used to translate results from preclinical studies to human studies to design the customized therapy by calculating the pharmacokinetic and other differences among patients so as to deliver a prespecified absorbed dose to the tumor or to dose-limiting tissue.

Unique of RDC Pre-Clinical Analysis

The difference between nonradioactive therapeutics and RDC is that nonradioactive drugs typically investigate the off-target biologic effects, while the pre-clinical analysis of RDC is often focused on finding out the concentration ratio between the tumor and normal tissue since the concentration time-course determines the absorbed dose variance and potential efficacy and toxicity in humans. The pre-clinical analysis can directly guide the clinical application of RDC to fully understand the mechanism of action for RDC, which can be greater and more rigorous guidance on how best to implement RDC in cancer treatment.

Our Service

The pre-clinical analysis experts in Rdcthera ensure quality services for your RDC assessment. Our team designs the best analysis study scheme for your RDC project.

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In Vivo Analysis Service

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Project Workflow

Fig.8 Project Workflow.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Rdcthera is a professional CRO company, focusing on both in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical analysis, can offer premium quality analysis service to support the further studies of your RDC project. Please contact us for more information.

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