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Radiolabelled Chemical Synthesis and Evaluation Services

Rdcthera is an advanced radiopharmaceutical development CRO, offering radiochemical synthesis and assessment services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical research industries. With its state-of-the-art technology and competency in radiochemistry, the guarantee of your dependable data to support the radiopharmaceutical development projects is in our hands.

Radiosynthesis and Characterization

Radiolabelled chemical synthesis focuses on the fact that radioisotopes are integrated in compounds used to track the behaviour of those compounds in biological systems. This is a technique popularly used in the fields of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and drug development, studying drug metabolism, receptor binding and in vivo distribution. After the preparation of a particular radiolabelling molecule, a diversity of techniques can be used to evaluate its physicochemical characteristics under different conditions to optimize the radiolabelled compound.

Fig 1. Schematic representation of radiosynthesis and purification process.Fig. 1. Radiosynthesis and purification of the probe [ 18 F]1. (Qiu L, et al., 2019)

Our Radiolabelled Chemical Synthesis and Evaluation Services

We provide one-stop radiolabelling chemistry synthesis and evaluation services, including radiolabelling, radiosynthesis, physicochemical evaluation of radiolabelled compounds with stringent quality control.

We offer a comprehensive range of radiolabelling and radiosynthesis services, including selection of labelling sites in compounds, radiosynthetic chemistry design and optimisation, radiosynthesis, and purification. Our radiochemistry team has extensive experience integrating radioactive atoms into biomolecules and has successfully radiolabelled hundreds of biologics and small molecules.

In addition to the chemical synthesis of radioactive compounds, we also provide services to evaluate the physicochemical properties of radioconjugates to ensure optimal conditions of action for the compounds and to ensure that the compounds are in compliance with the regulation.

We perform comprehensive stability studies to determine the effects of radioactive atom doping. Our stability assessment services include incubation of radiolabelled biomolecules in serum, plasma, or whole blood at 37 degrees to assess in vivo stability using HPLC.

Our lipophilicity studies give you a comprehensive report on the partitioning behavior of radioconjugates. Such information is essential in developing pharmacokinetic optimization strategies.

We provide specialized Immunoreactivity assay services to determine the binding efficiency and specificity of radioimmunoconjugates to target antigens, used in the determination of therapeutic or diagnostic efficacy.

Our radiochemical purity evaluation services are strict on the use of advanced chromatographic techniques in quantification and validation of the purity of radiolabeled compounds. All evaluations are carried out in line with established stringent regulatory requirements.

  • Associated Quality Control Services

Rdcthera provides a comprehensive suite of quality control services, ensuring that our radiopharmaceutical products meet the highest standards of safety and performance. Our services including

  • HPLC methodology
  • UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  • Bioactivity and immunoreactivity assays
  • Binding assays
  • Radio-TLC scanners
  • SDS-page electrophoresis
  • Metabolite analysis
  • Gamma counters

Applications of Our Radiochemical Synthesis and Evaluation Services

Our radiochemical synthesis and evaluation services are pivotal in various applications, including

  • Development of diagnostic imaging agents for PET and SPECT
  • Creation of targeted radiotherapeutics for oncology
  • Preclinical research studies
  • Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluations

Partner with Rdcthera for your radiochemical synthesis and evaluation needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our expert services can support your radiopharmaceutical development projects.


  1. Qiu L, Wang W, Li K, et al. (2019). Rational design of caspase-responsive smart molecular probe for positron emission tomography imaging of drug-induced apoptosis. Theranostics. 9(23):6962-6975.
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