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RDC Conjugation Service

Composed of useful radionuclide and targeting molecule, RDC (Radionuclide Drug Conjugate) is a valuable tool to conduct diagnostic imaging and clinical treatment with properly harnessed. The conjugation of RDC is an essential process in RDC development.

With our professional RDC development platform, Rdcthera, are capable to provide professional RDC conjugation service for your RDC-related project.

Fig.1 Diagram of chemical structure.

Overview of RDC

RDC is an investigational procedure combined with a targeted molecule, including antibody, small molecule, and peptide, conjugated with radionuclide by chelator and linker. These targeting molecules can transport a dose of radioactive particles to image the cancer tissue at the cell level and destroy cancer cells. Labeled with radioactive particles, RDC has already been used in humans to treat oncological diseases mainly leukemia, lymphoma, and some types of solid tumors. Encouraging results have also been obtained in solid neoplasms with the administration of anti-tenascin.

Conjugation in RDC

Conjugation in RDC is a chemical reaction to connect two parts together to combine diverse functions, including the targeting function of the delivery part and the imaging and treatment function of the radioactive particles. This radioactive particle harness strategy is applied in medical diagnosis, mainly for accurate cancer therapy by injected into patients, as a site-specific radioactive source in vivo.

Even though the synthesis of bioconjugation involves a variety of challenges, a number of advances in the understanding of bioconjugation is gained recently. The most common conjugation cases are the coupling of a small molecule to a protein and protein-protein conjugations. The Lys, Cys, and Tyr are widely used to form bioconjugation at a specific temperature and pH value.

Our Service

Radionuclide-Antibody Conjugation Service

The antibody is the most common and developed targeting molecule in RDC, because of the maturity of antibody production and modification technology. As an experienced CRO company, Rdcthera can provide radionuclide-antibody conjugation.


Radionuclide-Small Molecule Conjugation Service

The small molecule is one type of the delivery part of RDC with diverse and effective screening tools. Rdcthera is capable to provide high-quality radionuclide-small molecule conjugation service for you.


Radionuclide-Peptide Conjugation Service

Peptide, with convenient production methods and a similar half-life to radioactive particles, can be conjugated in the RDC as the delivery part. Rdcthera offer a cost-effective and premium quality radionuclide-peptide conjugation service.

Three types of RDC are commonly used in recent years, including antibody-based RDC, small molecule-based RDC, and peptide-based RDC. The conjugation reaction process is quite sensitive to the reaction conditions including pH, temperature, and reaction concentration. Besides, different radionuclide has unique aqueous coordination chemistry properties a crucial factor for safe use in clinical applications in vivo

Project Workflow

Fig.5 Project Workflow.

Why Choose Us

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Focused on RDC research for decades, Rdcthera is capable to provide high-quality and cost-effective RDC conjugation service for your special RDC project with the best scheme design and conjugation service to meet your demand.

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Rdcthera can provide all kinds of services through the whole RDC development process, including custom conjugation services according to your interests and lateral RDC analysis services.

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With an experienced research team and top-notched equipment, Rdcthera enable seamless scaling of RDC products from drug production to preclinical development. Collaborate across functional teams to promote your RDC development.

Rdcthera can provide all three types of RDC conjugation services. We are honored to share our experience and technology with you to support your RDC development project. Please contact us for more information.

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Rdcthera offers efficient, customized, and professional R&D services related to radionuclide drug conjugates.

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