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RDC (Radionuclide Drug Conjugate) is an innovative and rapidly evolving multifunctional radiopharmaceutical. Composed of four components, including radionuclide, chelator, linker, and targeting molecule, RDC can accurately identify the diseased cells, image the binding cells, and damage the tumor.

As a global leader in RDC development, Rdcthera offers a series of RDC services to promote your RDC development projects.

Illustration of the structure of RDC.Fig.1 Illustration of the structure of RDC.

Bifunction of RDC

  • Diagnostic Imaging
    Nuclear imaging, providing detailed imaging at the molecular and cellular level, can accurately diagnose and analyze cancer. Both PET (Positron Emission Computed Tomography) and SPECT (Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography), which can detect a pair of gamma rays emitted from the radiopharmaceutical that binds to target cells, are widely used in nuclear imaging to visualize tumors and monitor tumor progression.
  • Nuclear Medicine Therapy
    As the targeted molecule in RDC can bind to the specific molecules expressed by the cancer cells, the RDC can move to the targeted tissue rapidly and gather at that part. The alpha-emitting radionuclide with high energy is capable to kill the cancer cells. Through general radiotherapy, the treatment results are mainly dependent on the sensitivity difference between diseased tissue, while the RDC is more effective and harmless to the patients.

Cancers Treated by RDC

Cancer is one of the most noted diseases today. However, neither the existing chemotherapy nor radiotherapy can perfectly cause precise damage to tumor cells. RDC, as a novel radiopharmaceutical, can accurately identify and kill tumor cells. A number of RDC have developed to be applied in tumor imaging and treatment. The most intensively studied cancers treated by RDC are shown below.

Illustration of cancer cells.

Our Service

  • Radionuclide Screening and Synthesis Service
  • The radionuclide is a useful ingredient of RDC, which can image and damage diseased cells. Radionuclides with different types of emitting beams have different utilities. The alpha and beta particles are used in cancer treatment, while the gamma particles play a role in diagnostic imaging.

    Rdcthera with top-notched equipment offers professional radionuclide screening service and synthesis service to find the most suitable radionuclide for your special RDC project.

  • Chelator Screening and Synthesis Service
  • The chelator is an essential part of RDC, which can chelate and stabilize the free radionuclide in RDC. Rdcthera, with a chelator library with more than 10 kinds of chelators, can provide a professional chelator screening and synthesis service to support your RDC development project. The six most commonly used chelators are shown below.

    • DOTA
    • NOTA
    • DTPA
    • HBED
    • TETA
    • NETA
  • Linker Design and Synthesis Service
  • The linker is the spacer between the radionuclide-chelator compound and the targeting molecule. The linker can affect the radiotracer excretion kinetics and bioactive properties of RDC. Rdcthera with decades of linker development experience is professional at linker design and synthesis.

  • RDC Delivery Part Design and Synthesis Service
  • The delivery part is the pargeting molecule in RDC. Three types of targeting molecules, including antibodies, small molecules, and peptides are commonly used in RDC. As a comprehensive CRO company, Rdcthera can provide high-quality RDC delivery part design and synthesis services for all three kinds.

Project Workflow

Project Workflow.

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As a comprehensive CRO company, Rdcthera can offer a series of services in the RDC design process. We have provided RDC design and conjugation services for many institutions and companies for decades. Rdcthera has top-notched equipment and experienced scientists to meet your demand.

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Industrial Leadership

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Cost Efficient

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Highly Customizable

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Premium Quality

We are honored to share our experience and technology with you and support your RDC development project. Please contact us for more information.

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