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Target Identification and Validation Services of Radiopharmaceutical Discovery

At Rdcthera, we have specialized services for helping the radiopharmaceutical sector with comprehensive CRO services. Our very experienced team manages all the stages of radiopharmaceutical development, including expertise in therapeutic target identification and validation. We use advanced scientific expertise in technologies to allow discovery and development in the emerging area of radiopharmaceutical therapies to bring novel treatments to patients.

Discovery and Validation of Therapeutic Targets

Within radiopharmaceuticals, therapeutic target identification and validation are crucial for building the specificity, efficacy, and safety of generated therapies. When targets are identified with accuracy, the radiopharmaceuticals can then home in specifically on diseased cells, while the biological relevance and the therapeutic potential of such targets have to be robustly confirmed. The process is dual in order to minimize the risks and increase the odds for clinical success.

Fig 1. Cell surface targets for radiopharmaceuticals.Fig. 1. Main targets for radiopharmaceuticals on the cell surface. (Wadsak, et al., 2010)

Our Target Identification and Validation Services

At Rdcthera, we provide a comprehensive suite of services from identification to validation. With experienced scientists and state-of-the-art technologies, we can further advance drug development programs with reliable and actionable insights.

  • Target Identification Services

Our target identification services focus on the identification of exact and novel therapeutic targets. A mix of advanced genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics tools will be used in identifying molecular targets uniquely expressed or upregulated in diseased tissues; those include high-throughput screening, next-generation sequencing, and mass spectrometry methodologies.

  • Target Validation Services

After target identification, the therapeutic target validation services study the responsiveness of the identified targets. These are confirmed with the help of a broad panel of in vitro and in vivo models and several techniques to make sure the target is expressing relevant activity and biology. All our validations encompass CRISPR-based gene editing, RNA interference, and radioligand binding assays in the validation of target engagement and therapeutic effectiveness.

  • Tailored Services

Recognizing that each project is unique, Rdcthera offers custom-tailored services for specific client needs. Whether you require turnkey solutions or support for a subset of the steps in your project, our flexible and scalable services can meet your research objectives. Our custom services comprise assay development, high-content screening, and bespoke validation studies.


The broader applicability of our services in target identification and validation to the sphere of radiopharmaceutical therapy spans oncology, where cancer cell targeting is eminent, to neurological and cardiovascular diseases, where target radiotherapy can offer immense therapeutic benefits. Our services are also involved in diagnostic radiopharmaceutical development in order to enhance the accuracy and efficacy of disease diagnosis and monitoring.

Simply reach us to know more about our services and to discuss your project needs. At Rdcthera, we advance the frontiers of radiopharmaceuticals with innovative research and great service. Partner with us in converting your scientific discoveries into therapeutic realities.


  1. Wadsak, Wolfgang & Mitterhauser, Markus. (2010). Basics andprinciples of radiopharmaceuticals for PET/CT. European journal of radiology. 73.461-9.10.1016/j.ejrad.2009.12.022.
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