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RDC (Radionuclide Drug Conjugate), a novel trend in bioconjugation drug development, has multiple uses in clinical diagnostic and treatment. Four components are needed in RDC, including radionuclide, chelator, linker, and delivery part. Three kinds of delivery parts, including antibodies, small molecules, and peptides are utilized in RDC.

Focusing on RDC development for decades with our professional RDC development platform, Rdcthera is capable to provide premium quality and cost-effective services throughout the whole process of RDC development.

Fig.1 Illustration of RDC targeting the cancer cell.Fig.1 Illustration of RDC targeting the cancer cell.

Overview of RDC

RDC is a bifunctional radiopharmaceutical with two essential parts, including a radionuclide and a targeting molecule. The radionuclide is utilized as the effective part to conduct cancer cell damaging and diagnostic imaging at the cell level, while the targeting molecule is the delivery vehicle to drive the RDC to the diseased tissue. Based on the different types of targeting molecules, the RDC can be divided into three categories, containing antibody-based RDC, small molecule-based RDC, and peptide-based RDC.

Implements of RDC

Three types of radioactive particles are used in RDC, covering alpha, beta, and gamma particles. According to the different kinds of radioactive beams emitted by the particles, the RDC has two different utilizes in clinical applications. After injection into the patient's body, the RDC drug is carried through the circulatory system by targeted molecules, working as a vector, to the site of the disease, where it works in the cancerous tissue.

Fig.2 MRI Icon.

Diagnostic Imaging
The gamma-emitting radionuclides with the most penetrating radioactive beams are widely used to conduct diagnostic imaging at the cell level.

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Cancer Treatment
The alpha- and beta- emitting radioactive particles with less penetrating radioactive beams play a significant role in damaging cancer cells accurately.

As a novel radiopharmaceutical, RDC is approved to apply in various utilizes of many types of cancers now.

Fig.4 Dividing Line.

Our Service

Rdcthera has been researching and optimizing the design and synthesis process of RDC for many years. We can provide a one-stop RDC development service and customized partially design service for your RDC project.

Fig.5 Radionuclide Icon.

Radionuclide Screening and Synthesis Service

  • Radionuclides Screening for Diagnostic Imaging
  • Radionuclides Screening for Nuclear Medicine Therapy
  • Radionuclide Synthesis Service

Fig.6 Chelator Icon.

Chelator Screening and Synthesis Service

  • Chelator Screening Service
  • Chelator Synthesis Service
  • Synthesis Path Optimization Service

With first-class equipment, top scientists and a strict production management system, Rdcthera can provide super cost-effective and high-quality RDC conjugation service.

Fig.9 Antibody-based RDC.

Radionuclide-Antibody Conjugation Service

  • Lysine Conjugation
  • Cysteine Conjugation
  • Unnatural Amino Acids Conjugation
  • Enzymatic Conjugation
Fig.11 Peptide-based RDC.

Radionuclide-Peptide Conjugation Service

  • Amide Bond
  • Thiourea bond
  • Thioether bond
  • Standard Cu(I) catalyzed Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition
  • Diels–Alder “click” reaction

Project Workflow

Project Workflow.

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Fig.6 Radioactive icons.

Focused on RDC research for decades, Rdcthera is capable to provide high-quality and cost-effective RDC development service for your special RDC project with the best scheme design and conjugation service to meet your demand

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Rdcthera can provide all kinds of services through the whole RDC development process, including custom development and conjugation services according to your interests and lateral RDC analysis services

Fig.3 Syringe Icon

With an experienced research team and top-notched equipment, Rdcthera enable seamless scaling of RDC products from drug production to preclinical development. Collaborate across functional teams to promote your RDC development.

Rdcthera can provide one-step service and customized service through the whole RDC development process. Please contact us for more information.

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