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Radionuclide-Peptide Conjugation Service

Peptide-based RDC (Radionuclide Drug Conjugate) has multiple applications in both diagnostic imaging and targeted therapy through cancer treatment.

With wealthy experience and good-conditioned equipment, Rdcthera has a professional RDC development platform and can provide radionuclide-peptide conjugation service, as well as other RDC development services.

Fig.1 Chemistry research illustration.

Overview of Peptide-Based RDC

Peptides are widely used as targeting molecules in RDC. Compared to antibodies, peptides are relatively small in size (about 0.5 to 10 kDa) and are comparatively short in vivo circulation times (minutes to hours) with similar binding affinities. Besides, the production and modification of peptides, an effective strategy to improve affinity, selectivity, stability, and pharmacokinetic properties, is easier than that of antibodies. Notably, the biological half-life of peptides ideally matches that of radioactive particles currently used in radiopharmaceuticals.

Radionuclide-Peptide Conjugation

The conjugation between peptide and radionuclide requires a chelator that stably chelates the radioactive particles to eliminate the deposition of free radionuclide in healthy tissues in the patient body. The versatile and universal chelators, with similar chemical properties, enabled the development of RDC to provide more efficient, accurate, and personalized treatment, because of the availability of a wide range of radionuclides and targeting molecules in RDC. Myriad types of bioconjugation strategies are utilized in the radionuclide-peptide conjugation.

Fig.2 Illustration of bioconjugation reactions.Fig.1 Bioconjugation strategies in RDC.
(Eric W. Price and Chris Orvig, Chem. Soc. Rev., 2014)

Our Service

  • Radionuclide-Peptide Conjugation Service
  • Rdcthera can provide professional radionuclide-peptide conjugation service with chelators and linkers library, a large variety of different tools to conduct the best-matched radionuclide-peptide conjugation for your special and customized RDC with optimal properties. Different types of conjugation strategies mentioned above are shown below.

    • Peptide Coupling Reaction;
    • Peptide coupling reactions between activated esters of tetrafluorophenyl (TFP) and a primary amine;
    • Peptide coupling reactions between activated esters of N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) and a primary amine;
    • Thiourea bond formation between an isothiocyanate and a primary amine;
    • Thioether bond formation between a maleimide and thiol;
    • Standard Cu(I) catalyzed Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition ("click" reaction) between an azide and an alkyne;
    • Strain-promoted Diels–Alder "click" reaction between a tetrazine and trans-cyclooctene.

After RDC synthesis and conjugation, Rdcthera can provide professional RDC characterizing and analysis service, both in vivo and in vitro to help you find the ideal RDC production.

Project Workflow

Fig.3 Project Workflow.

Why Choose Us

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Focused on RDC research for decades, Rdcthera is capable to provide high-quality and cost-effective RDC conjugation service for your special RDC project with the best scheme design and conjugation service to meet your demand.

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Rdcthera can provide all kinds of services through the whole RDC development process, including custom conjugation services according to your interests and lateral RDC analysis services.

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With an experienced research team and top-notched equipment, Rdcthera enable seamless scaling of RDC products from drug production to preclinical development. Collaborate across functional teams to promote your RDC development.

We are glad to share our experience and technology with you to support your RDC development project. Please contact us for more information.


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