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Comprehensive Bioconjugation Optimization Services for Radiopharmaceuticals

Rdcthera provides comprehensive bioconjugation optimization services of radiopharmaceutical development. We specifically design state-of-the-art solutions to enhance the radiopharmaceuticals' efficiency and specificity in providing improved diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes.

Bioconjugation in Radiopharmaceuticals

Bioconjugation refers to biochemical or chemical processes used to produce a stable connection between a biomolecule and a second biological or chemical part. Unlike small molecule tracers, biomolecular imaging agents are typically prepared using biomolecules in their native form without protective groups, often in just one or two steps. Since biomolecules contain more than one functional group and have various functional groups, chemoselectivity and site-specificity are the major requirements. In bioconjugation, primary biomolecules can be linked to secondary biomolecules or different chemical entities such as imaging reporter genes, radionuclides, or polymers.

Fig 1. Different QD bioconjugation methods.Fig. 1. Schematic presentation of different QD-bioconjugation methods. (Jin Z, et al., 2012)

Our Bioconjugation Optimization Services

Rdcthera is a leading CRO for preclinical studies of radiopharmaceuticals, we offer a one-stop services for radioconjugation optimization of radiopharmaceuticals.

  • Our Random and Site-Specific Conjugation Techniques

For bioconjugation, one of the first optimization steps is to choose either a random or site-specific conjugation strategy. Our team is experienced in using both techniques and can help guide you in choosing the method that is right for you. During random conjugation, the radiolabel attaches to the biomolecule in a non-specific manner. As a result, all of these materials may may behave differently, resulting in heterogeneous products with varying properties. Site-specific conjugation ensures that the radiolabel attaches to defined sites, providing homogeneous products with predictable and consistent behaviour.

  • Optimization Services for Conjugation Conditions

Rdcthera offers a comprehensive conjugation optimization service, where several important conditions are optimized including pH, temperature, incubation time and reagent concentration. We use advanced analytical techniques to monitor and adjust these conditions to help you find the optimal synthesis conditions for your conjugates.

  • Pretargeting, Dual Labeling, & Multimodality Services

These are important in furthering the targeting accuracy and functional versatility of radiopharmaceuticals: pretargeting strategies, dual labeling, and multimodality imaging. Pretargeting is designed to minimize the background signal of off-target tissues and to improve target-to-non-target ratios through a two-step process in which the processes of target identification and radiolabeling are separated. Dual labeling makes it possible to image two targets at the same time or to combine diagnostic and therapeutic functionalities. Multimodality imaging combines different imaging technologies so that all the aspects of the biodistribution and therapeutic efficiency of radiopharmaceuticals can be measured.

  • Optimization Evaluations

Our bioconjugation optimization services encompass a thorough evaluation of critical performance metrics, including

  • Affinity and Selectivity
  • Specific Activity and Purification
  • Radiolysis and Stability
  • In Vivo Biodistribution
  • Therapeutic Efficacy

Integrated Optimization Platform

For our integrated optimization platform, we use state-of-the-art tools: HPLC, leading radiographic imaging, and thorough in vitro and in vivo models. The platform enables smooth and efficient optimization of bioconjugation processes to ensure that your radiopharmaceuticals are developed to the highest standards of quality and performance.


Our bioconjugation optimization services are applicable across a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic areas, including oncology, cardiology, neurology, and infectious diseases. It is these improvements in precision and efficacy of radiopharmaceuticals that actually contribute to targeted therapy and personalized medicine.

To learn more about how Rdcthera can support your radiopharmaceutical development needs with our bioconjugation optimization services, please contact us. Our team is ready to collaborate with you to achieve your project goals and advance the field of radiopharmaceuticals.


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