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Radionuclide Screening and Synthesis Service

The radionuclide is an essential part of the acting part of RDC (Radionuclide Drug Conjugate), which can play a role in killing cancer cells and diagnostic imaging. Types of radionuclides are approved for application in RDC nowadays.

Rdcthera, as a professional CRO company, can provide radionuclide synthesis service. Since we have synthesis services for a wide range of radionuclides, we are capable of radionuclide screening to find the most suitable radionuclide in your specific RDC development.

Overview of Radionuclides

The radioactive particle is the effective part of the radiopharmaceutical, which can emit β- or α- beams to deliver radiation directly to the tumor cells. For a given chemical element, radionuclides have the same number of protons in each atom, but they have different numbers of neutrons. In theory, all chemical elements in nature can exist as radionuclides.

As the radionuclide is too small to be stable in patients, it can be chelated with antibodies, small molecules, and peptides to maintain stability. A myriad of radionuclides has been conjugated with ligand applied for clinical research. The radionuclide in RDC works as the cell-damaging tool and the diagnostic tool imaging by PET or SPECT. There are three types of radionuclides that are most commonly used in RDC.

Three Types of Radionuclides

Alpha Particle Beta Particle Gamma Particle
The alpha particle is the least penetrating, but it is powerful enough to damage diseased cells. Though the beta particle can only penetrate air and paper, it is commonly used in cancer treatment. The most penetrating gamma particle can penetrate air, paper, or thin metal, which is the reason why gamma particle is broadly used in nuclear imaging.

Illustration of different penetrating for three types of radionuclidesFig.1 Illustration of different penetrating for three types of radionuclides.

Our Service

  • Radionuclide Screening Service
  • Different types of radionuclides are used for different applications, including diagnostic imaging and targeted therapy, depending on the type of energy they emit. The radioactive particles emitting gamma rays are used for imaging at the cell level, while other radioactive particles emitting beta beams or alpha beams, which can damage targeted tumor cells with an excellent therapeutic effect, are wildly used as radiopharmaceuticals.

    Because of our excellent nucleosynthesis capabilities, Rdcthera can offer radionuclide screening service to find the suitable radionuclide for your specific-utilized RDC.

    Radionuclides for Diagnostic Imaging Radionuclides for Nuclear Medicine Therapy
    F-18 Cu-61/62/64 Y-90 Cu-67
    Ga-68 Zr-98 I-131 Lu-177
    Tc-99m In-111 Re-186/188 At-211
    Bi-213 Ac-225
  • Radionuclide Synthesis Service
  • Like all the other medicinal products, radiopharmaceuticals are required to be produced under careful control and need to be tested for quality control before manufacturing producing and administration to patients. Rdcthera provides the customized high-quality radionuclide synthesis service by nuclear research reactors or cyclotrons.

    • Excellent operation and maintenance system of processing facilities
    • Complying with the current manufacturing practices strictly
    • Ensuring effective quality assurance and quality control system
    • Professional radioactive material transportation tools
    • Registered products with the relevant health authorities

Cyclotron complex for radionuclides synthesis

Project Workflow

Project Workflow

Why Choose Us

Even though conducting radionuclide on a relatively small scale, it still requires strict supervision that can be quite demanding for small-scale companies. Rdcthera has high-quality equipment and a supervisory system to meet your demand.

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Rdcthera is experienced in radionuclide synthesis and screening. We have provided conjugation services for many institutions and companies for years. We are glad to share our experience and technology with you and help you screen for the best-fit radionuclide for your RDC. Please contact us for more information.

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