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RDC Delivery Part Design and Synthesis Service

The delivery part of RDC (Radionuclide Drug Conjugate) plays a key role in targeting specific tumor cells by identifying the targeting molecules. There are three types of delivery part molecules, containing the antibody, small molecule, and peptide.

As a professional and comprehensive company, Rdcthera provides the design, screening, and synthesis service for all kinds of delivery part molecules.

Overview of the Delivery Part in RDC

RDC, a novel method of cancer therapy, consists of a delivery part targeting cancer cells and a radionuclide conjugated by a chelator-linker, combining the tumor-targeting properties and the powerful damage effect of radiotherapy. The radionuclide is very effective in killing cells. However, in general radiotherapy, the radioactive beam could conduct great damage to the healthy tissue of patients, which may cause the patient to become more debilitated. Therefore, radionuclides need to be stapled into a targeting molecule, such as antibodies, to achieve accurate therapy. Radioligand, as a probe, can recognize and interact with specific antigens on the cell membrane to provide bifunctional effects, including targeted imaging and damage to the diseased cells.

Illustration of RDC identifying the target molecule.Fig.1 Illustration of RDC identifying the target molecule.

Our Service

RDC is consist of four parts, containing radionuclide, chelator, linker, and the delivery vehicle, which accurately binding to the target cells. In terms of the form of targeting molecules, RDC can be classified into three categories. Rdcthera can provide all three types of customized development and conjugation services for you according to your interesting target.

  • Antibody

Illustration of Antibody.

The antibody, a Y-shaped protein, aimed to identify the antigen in the immune system, is one of the largest groups of biotherapeutic proteins with a large number of applications. with this targeting capacity, antibodies are widely used in RDC. In terms of the size of the antibody, there are types of antibodies conjugated to the radioactive particle, including intact antibodies, mini bodies, diabodies, and scFv. Rdcthera can provide the antibody development service for whatever fragment you need.

  • Small Molecule

Illustration of Small molecule.

Targeted small molecules (< 900 Da), acting on cell growth factors, receptors, or signal transduction pathways are widely used as a delivery vehicle in RDC. A number of small molecules are applied in cancer treatment, including small molecule inhibitors and activators. Rdcthera, with many small molecule libraries, is capable to provide small molecule screening and synthesis services according to your demand.

  • Peptide

Illustration of Peptide.

Targeted peptides, consisting of a bunch of amino acids, are applied for precise treatment for years. The most commonly used peptide in RDC is the one targeting the SSTR (Somatostatin Receptor), overexpressed on the neuroendocrine tumor surface. Rdcthera, containing a group of excellent chemists, is glad to provide customized peptide discovery and synthesis services for you.

Project Workflow

  • Target identification and validation for the delivery part screening and design in vitro and optimization service for lateral conjugation.
  • Choose the optimized chelator, linker, and radionuclide for RDC conjugation.
  • We provide a series of ADME/PK studies, pharmacological efficacy tests, and optimization services for RDC development in vitro and in vivo.

Project Workflow.

Why Choose Us

Rdcthera is experienced in antibody, small molecule, and peptide design, synthesis, and optimization. We have provided the conjugation service for many institutions and companies for years. We have a wealth of analytical methods, including HPLC, UPLC, LCMS, and so on.

Industrial Leadership

Industrial Leadership

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

We are glad to share our experience and technology with you and help you with this most important targeting part through RDC development. Please contact us for more information.

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