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Small Molecule Screening and Synthesis Service

The small molecule, which is widely used in cancer therapy, has been recently introduced into RDC (Radionuclide Drug Conjugate) development. The combination of molecular targeted therapy with radiotherapy is a creative concept to improve cancer therapy efficacy and reduce damage to healthy cells in patients.

Rdcthera offers a professional small molecule design and synthesis service with high quality for RDC development projects.

The Mechanism of Small Molecules Targeting Process

Cancer is one of the leading reasons of death worldwide. Targeted small molecules (< 900 Da) are a novel concept in cancer treatment, which can act on cell growth factors, receptors, or signal transduction pathways. Through this specific identification, they are capable to restrict the growth, progression, and metastasis process of types of cancer cells, including breast, leukemia, colorectal, lung, and ovarian cancers. Additionally, small molecules can be used to activate a cell-cycle checkpoint, trigger apoptosis, and coordinate DNA repair, which plays a key role in cancer cell survival.

Discovered Small Molecule Applied in RDC

Even though a myriad of small molecules was approved to be applied in cancer treatment, including small molecule inhibitors and activators, acting on different pathways, the application of small molecules in RDC is limited. Rdcthera is capable to design kinds of small molecules according to your demand to promote the RDC research process.

The most widely used small molecules in RDC are targeting PSMA (Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen), working as PSMA-targeting small molecule inhibitors, which can be classified into three groups.

  • Urea-Based PSMA-Targeting Small Molecule Inhibitors
  • Phosphorus-Based PSMA-Targeting Small Molecule Inhibitors
  • Thiol-Based PSMA-Targeting Small Molecule Inhibitors

Nowadays, PSMA-617 and PSMA-I&T, both having the same Glu-urea-Lys–PSMA binding motif, are most widely used in pre-clinical research.

Schematic overview of a PSMA-targeting small molecule inhibitor.Fig.1 Schematic overview of a PSMA-targeting small molecule inhibitor
(Ruigrok EAM, et al., Pharmaceutics, 2019)

Our Service

  • Small Molecule Screening Service
  • To meet the requirements of new small molecule development, Rdcthera has constructed several small molecular libraries and are capable to design the libraries according to the specific requirements. Our small molecular libraries, for high-throughput screening or industrial production, have the advantages of high quality and high content of active compounds. Our screening strategies based on our small molecule library have been extensively applied in biological experiments and widely used by several research institutions and companies.

    • Several Small Molecular Libraries
    • Professional Screening Strategies
  • Small Molecule Synthesis Service
  • Rdcthera provides a wide range of small molecule synthesis services. The rich experience of successful operation in small molecule synthesis has enabled us to possess a complete line of synthesis.

  • Small Molecule Conjugation Service
  • After the synthesis of small molecules, Rdcthera can provide the small molecule conjugation service for your special RDC project. With our high-quality small molecules, our excellent professional scientists can propose the most suitable conjugation route for you.

Why Choose Us

Rdcthera has provided small molecule screening for many years and has accumulated abundant resources in high throughput small molecule design screening. It's our pleasure to have an opportunity to establish strategic partnerships with you.

Industrial Leadership

Industrial Leadership

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

We are proud of sharing our resources and technology with our customers and helping our customers with this most important targeting part through RDC development. Please contact us for more information.


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